Our vineyard



- 60% cabernet sauvignon

- 20% merlot

- 15% cabernet franc

- 5% petit verdot & malbec


The 20 hectares of the vineyard enjoy a traditional Médoc planting.


Fifty years old and renewed by systematic interplanting (new vines are interplanted to grow along with those remaining in the same row), the Château Fondabet vineyard is one of the lowest-yield vineyards of the Pauillac appellation. 

The traditional grapevine pruning, known as “guyot double”, allows to naturally control the yield of our old grapevines.

The maintenance of the soils of the Fondabet estate respects the tradition with ploughing, scraping and seasonal cavaillonage or “earthing up” (technique of piling soil up around the base of the grapevine).

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The health of the vineyard is permanently checked as part of a reasoned fight against the parasites of the plant. In this way, Château Fondabet pursues its environmentally responsible commitment, started in 2011 using no more insecticide and weedkiller in order to restore the ecosystem of the flora and the fauna.

A moderate leaf removal is carried out as soon as the end of the flowering.

Around 100 days after the flowering we proceed to a tasting and a maturity control of the berries.

The harvests are planned plot by plot and are made by a group of about fifty grape pickers. The grapes are traditionally hand-picked.

During the harvest and before being put in the fermenting room, the grapes are sorted on the vineyard on a mobile sorting table, then once again when they are brought to the fermenting room on a vibrating sorting table.


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