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The average age of the vines at Château Fonbadet is fifty years, thanks to which the vineyard often achieves the lowest yields in the Pauillac appellation.
With old vines, the traditional Médoc pruning technique, with four buds per cane, allows us to control the yields of our vine plants naturally. The vineyard is renewed thanks to a systematic planting policy. The soil nutrition principle applied at Fonbadet involves compensation of nutritional matter lost during the vegetative cycle of the vine, using exclusively organic fertilizers.

The soil is ploughed, turned over and earthed up seasonally, in keeping with tradition. Vine health is constantly monitored, plot by plot, within the framework of controlled management of the vineyard against plant parasites. Phytosanitary treatment is used at Fonbadet only when necessary, should the balance between fauna and flora be clearly disrupted, in the relationship between parasites and their predators.
Excess leaves are removed immediately after the end of flowering. Approximately one hundred days after flowering, we taste and assess berry ripeness. The harvest is then planned, plot by plot.