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At Fonbadet, our grapes are harvested manually, in keeping with tradition. The time devoted to the harvest varies, depending on the ripeness of the different grape varieties. It can take anything from two weeks to a month. Some fifty grape-pickers, most of whom come back to us year after year, first bring in the Merlot, then the Cabernets and finally the Petit Verdot.

The grapes are sorted three times: first before picking, then on a mobile sorting table in the vineyard, and finally in the vat-room. When they arrive in the vat-room, the grapes are again sorted on a table by Pascale Peyronie, cellar master Gilles Ozanne, and other skilled hands, qualified to undertake this challenging process.

Once they have been totally de-stemmed and gently crushed, the grapes are placed in concrete epoxy-lined vats.